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We love painting projects in Arlington because our clients value pride and craftsmanship which we put into every project, whether it's small or large.

Painting We Specialize In:

  • Exterior Painting
  • Residential Painting
  • Commercial Painting
  • Restoration Painting
  • Green (Eco Friendly) Painting
  • Staining Work
  • Trim Painting & Finish Work

We understand that when you're looking for the best exterior house painting in Arlington, TX your needs are more than just a fresh coat of paint.

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Exterior Painter Arlington TX

Call for a free quote: (214)301-3275

Along with providing safety for our employees, Dallas House Painting also has the ability to paint any surface inside or outside.

The company takes pride in satisfying all of its customers' needs and requests so that they can have a beautiful home without needing an extra expense on top of their project - which is why it's such great news that we offer both exterior and interior painting!

You don't want to trust just anyone when hiring someone who works near power lines because accidents happen even if you expect them not too! That's what makes Arlington House Painting different: Our workers know how dangerous these zones are before entering so safety doesn't ever become compromised. Along with ensuring our employees stay safe, we're able to take care of your need for either external or

At our Arlington painting company, we will never leave you disappointed. We're a company that is locally owned and operated with the goal of providing exceptional painting services for our clients. Our house painters are committed to completing each project with top-rated paint products and designs so your dream home becomes reality!

We understand how important color combinations can be when designing your new space or renovating an old one. That's why our team works hard to ensure that no detail goes overlooked in order bring any vision into its fullest potential - while always using high quality paints from market leaders like Benjamin Moore Paints & Sherwin Williams.

Do you want to take your customer service to the next level? Then check out our unbeatable customer service. Our project managers will be available for any projects that we work on, and they'll provide top-quality direction every step of the way. We always have an open line of communication with clients so don't hesitate to reach out if something comes up!

All of our Arlington House Painting crews are ready to provide quality service. We can't be beat when it comes to top rated painters in Arlington TX and we will never compromise on the quality of work that they offer. They always arrive at a job site early for projects so there's no unnecessary waiting time.

Quality is one thing you'll never have trouble with from us, as all our teams put their hearts into providing excellent customer care! Our crew members know what they're doing - just take a look at how happy customers are about them being on time or not compromising your expectations when it comes down to executing jobs around town like yours!

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